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Facts & Figures

PKE was founded in 1979 and is active both in Austria and internationally.
The company is 100% privately operated and entirely in Austrian hands.

Over the last few years, PKE has grown from a medium-sized company to a corporate group with more than 2,000 employees and an annual sales volume of €370 million.
The corporate headquarters of PKE is in Vienna and with additional 6 branch offices throughout Austria, PKE is able to offer its entire portfolio anywhere in the country.

In Europe, PKE is primarily focused on German-speaking neighboring countries, which are served by twelve German and five Swiss branches, and on the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe. We are on the ground in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia with our own subsidiaries—and, after a series of demanding showpiece projects, we are among the leading manufacturer-neutral solution providers.

We would be happy to tackle the implementation of your global projects. We are currently active in over 30 countries. In order to serve our customers there, we rely in part on our own branches, such as those in Bahrain (BH), Abu Dhabi (AE) and Baku (AZ), as well as on local partners, like in Al Khubar Al Janubiyah (SA), and on an internationally active team of experts. (Contacts)

We have a deep understanding of regional needs and a global network of expertise with years of project experience: Drawing on these two factors, we have successfully established ourselves as a global service provider.

Founded in 1979
Employees 2000
Sales volume in million € 370
Corporate headquarters VIENNA (A)
Subsidiaries & branches in 12 countries
Projects in more than 30 countries